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People Against Dirty

Home & Personal Care
Certified Since: May, 2007
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Sector: Manufacturing

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People Against Dirty is a company made up of two brands – method and Ecover – filled with fearless thinkers, mad scientists and adventurous designers who believe in defying the status quo with innovation and optimism. They take cleaning seriously – but not themselves. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in San Francisco, method (methodhome.com) is the pioneer of premium planet-friendly and design-driven home, fabric and personal care products. Formulated with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients, method puts the hurt on dirt without doing harm to people, creatures or the planet. Also playing an important role at People Against Dirty is Ecover (ecover.com) the revered pioneering European-based line of ecological cleaning products that has had an enormous impact on the world of cleaning – and a positive impact on the environment – since its formation in 1980.

People Against Dirty is in business to change business. In the same way they take the dirt out of cleaning, they strive to eliminate some of business's dirty practices. They believe their business practices and processes should be as clean as the products they make. In that spirit, People Against Dirty develop formulas and design their products to consider the past, present and future.