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Designs, manufactures, and sells backpacks, travel bags, tote bags, briefcases.
Certified Since: November, 2019
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Sector: Manufacturing

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TOM BIHN has been designing and making backpacks and travel bags since 1972. All 48 of the crew at TOM BIHN — design, manufacturing, shipping, customer service, photography, web team — work in the same 16,000 square foot location in Seattle, Washington, USA. They collaborate, problem-solve and innovate in ways that are only made possible by sharing the same space. As a company, they believe it’s more fun to work together and that it results in a better designed, more thoroughly tested, and quality made backpack.

Things to know about TOM BIHN:
• The company is a design house, manufacturer, and direct retailer.
• Their customers are thoughtful people who keep them on their toes by helping to refine and improve bag designs and the company itself.
• The best quality materials (over 80% of which are bluesign and/or OEKO-TEX certified) are used to build a more durable bag.
• In 2010, TOM BIHN became founding members of the UPS Carbon Neutral and UPS Eco Responsible Packaging Programs.
• The company has a strong company philosophy centered around interrelatedness, empathy, patience, and self-reflection.
• Over 50% of fabric scraps from the manufacturing process are utilized to make new designs.
• TOM BIHN is operationally (scope 1, 2, 3 assessed and offset) carbon neutral.

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